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Research Center Terahertz for Medical Engineering

THz frequencies represent a new spectral window that has not yet been exploited in everyday life, enabling miniaturized wireless devices due to wavelengths smaller than one millimeter with novel innovative applications, especially in the field of medicine.

The Interdisciplinary Research Center "THz for Medical Engineering" unites all joint THz research activities of the Faculty of Medicine, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Duisburg-Essen and the Wuppertal Terahertz Research Association under one roof. In addition to research, a BA and MA program in medical engineering is offered.

The joint research activities are split into

  • Body Monitoring: to enable new movements for people with impairments, to predict and optimally treat movement disorders at an early stage, to restore natural movement after joint or bone replacements
  • Organ Monitoring: to identify organ diseases more reliably, to detect them while they are still in the body, to remove tumors precisely up to their edges with minimal harm to the patients
  • Cell Monitoring: to quantify the spread of cancer cells in the body thereby optimizing cancer therapies, to understand food intake in the body